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nagdosay's Journal

nag do say: song a day!
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A community in which select people post a song a day for ALL people to download & enjoy.
NAG, DO, SAY: a song a day!

Once upon a time pookizegreat decided she wanted to post a song a day for people to enjoy, so she did. However, her life felt empty without the participation of others, and so this community was begun: a place for multiple people to post one song that fit their day in some way, every day (or as many days as they remembered to/felt like it).
1. Anyone can become a song-poster here. To get posting access, just comment on one of pookizegreat's song posts.
2. There is no restriction on genre or any of that crap. Just post good music.
3. There are no penalties for not posting a song every day, or even every week, if you're a song-poster. Whenever you feel the urge.
4. You don't have to post songs to join. These are for sharing. For the sake of the posters' comfort, this community will be friends only, but membership isn't moderated or anything like that. Just join. Have at her.
5. No posting albums. Songs only. If people want albums, they can buy them or bug their friends for them.
6. Comment if you take something. It's just the nice thing to do.
7. Despite the subject manner of the banner to your left, it is okay to hate the Libertines and join this community. Really.

Posting format:
song: <*a href=link to the song>title of the song</a>
artist: <*a href=link to artist's website if possible>artist</a>
album: <*a href=link to information on the album, ie. wikipedia or amazon, something like that>album title</a>
notes: Anything you feel compelled to add. This category can be omitted if you so please. Also, if you can't find any information on the artist or album? Tell us yourself. Do something to promote the artist who's made your song for the day!

All entries are tagged for artist, album, song, and poster.

pookizegreat (last.fm)
skelly_r0x0r (thursday girl)